New collection!

Happy to finally show you one out of a handful from a new collection ‘Nameless but not Faceless’.

They're statement, mignon and intimate to boot...leaves you staring and thinking. Made of Brass and gilded with gold in 2 different shades; Light yellow or gold yellow.
Soon available to order.

Happy Sunday to y'all.

Old meets New Mother of Pearl Silver necklace

This is a limited edition ‘Old World meets New World’ collection, a collection that tells and carries a story and history. An antique Mother of pearl coin carefully set in a simple silver frame. The Coin is carved on both sides with a stunning starburst pattern.

My inspiration comes from preserving history and the actual Antique gaming coin in a wearable format to be viewed and appreciated by both the wearer and viewer.

Well preserved antique gaming coins are hard to find, but I'd managed to find a few of these on great conditions which I hope to show them off as wearable jewellery as much as I can.

……… Background history on these Antique coins ………

Once carved by the Chinese when back in the day's when card games with quaint names like Piquet, Quadrille, and Spinado were the rage in the 18th and 19th centuries. Although the games are long gone, their mother-of-pearl gaming chips live on as collectable antiques.

The most beautiful antique chips are the ones carved and engraved by the Chinese between 1720 and 1840. Aristocrats often arranged to purchase exotic gaming chips through sea captains and agents of the Honourable East India Company (HEIC). As part of their salary, crew members were allocated a small area in the cargo hold in which to transport items to sell personally back in the motherland. The shipping companies themselves were primarily interested in major products such as tableware and tea rather than in small trinkets like mother-of-pearl gaming chips.

This is a Limited edition collection.

La prochaine expo-vente de Minicyn à Paris

Je participerai à une expo avec un groupe de créateurs d'Etsy du 14 au 26 mai, Etsy Made in France célèbre le Printemps pour sa 4ème édition !
Avec Etsy et la Team Petit Paris, partez à la rencontre de créateurs indépendants et passionnés ; une occasion unique de découvrir leurs histoires, leurs créations et leurs savoir-faire.

RDV du 14 au 26 mai, de 10h à 20h,
ouvert 7 jours / 7
au 46 rue du Château d'eau, Paris 10
Métro : République, Jacques Bonsergent ou Château d'Eau

Soutenir et promouvoir le savoir-faire local telle est l'ambition d'Etsy Made in France et de l'association des créateurs Team Petit Paris.

Heidi Lowe Earrings Galore Exhibition

Happy to announce that 6 pairs of my 'Old Meets New' earring collection is heading to 'Earrings Galore' exhibition in the US. Minicyn is one out of 48 chosen from over 180 applicants – I cannot wait to see the others.

The exhibition will take place at Heidi Lowe Gallery as well as at SNAG, Chicago in May and New York City Jewelry Week in November 2019. .

Big thank you Heidi! Here's an interview I found in the Jewelry Journey Podcast on her & her gallery if it tickles your fancy:

Ready for Milan Design Week

I’ve been selected to participate and my goody box is ready to head over to Milan Design Week 2019 starting from the 9th - 14th of April. Organised by:

Here is some info for the event if you so wish to attend:

Din - Design In returns for the seventh consecutive year. It’s in a stimulating district of Milan Design Week: the Lambrate Design District, where visitors can get lost in quality exhibitions created by designers and independent entrepreneurial realities, schools and international academies.

The exhibition site is a former industrial warehouse of 2,000 square meters, where will create an experiential path, discovering and carefully selecting innovative brands, young labels and historical brands to show the best that the contemporary design scene has to offer.

WHEN: 9/14 April 2019

La prochaine expo-vente de mon atelier

La prochaine expo-vente de mon atelier

Ma prochaine expo de mon atelier / boutique, avec 2 créateurs invités:

• Papeterie par la belle équipe de duo (reliure) Anne-Claire et Marion –


• La céramique et des illustrations de Margotte –

......... E N G L I S H ..........

My next direct sales event from my workshop/boutique with 2 other invited guests:

• Stationary by the book-binding expert duo team Anne_claire and Marion –


• Ceramiques and Illustrations by the lovely Margotte –

Read More

Minicyn devrait bientôt pouvoir ouvrir le vendredi

Ouverture prochainement tous les vendredis.
Opening soon every Friday!

I’ve been tinkering in the background not only with work but re-setting the atelier/workshop into half a boutique! Yes, lot’s of unimaginable work and not enough time as always. New awesome curtains that glides from side to side at a pull, new signs for the door, new format etc.

Waiting for another yet another week for a dear friend to come give a helping hand.


Minicyn de retour avec de nouvelles pièces

J'ai perdu mes boucles d'oreilles!!
Calmez-vous, Minicyn est la pendant le mois d'Août. Voici quelques nouvelles pièces prêtes à envoyer!
Je vous souhaite un bel été x


Announce de vacances • Vacation notice

....... 20 Juillet - 1 Aout • 20 July - 1 August .......

It's that time of the year again to kick back and absorbed some much needed Vitamin D and jump off the grid for a bit. As for me, I like taking a bit of time of here and there, not the entire 4-5 weeks of straight vegetation like most French people do – unbeknownst to me the extent of seriousness they take it!

Tomorrow will be your last day to order anything and potentially have it sent of before my return on the 1st of August, unless it's bespoke to which then you'll have to wait.

Here are some new pieces I'd made ready-to-ship online.
See you when I return! Stay fresh.

Nouvelle Exposition de cet été 2018!

Here are all three of the exhibitions I'm participating in this Summer!

A little info about the pieces my Gallerist are hosting:

A group exhibition standing at Ickx Contemporary Jewelry based in Brussels, Belgium, has most of my 'Sticky Business' minimalist one-off pieces

Curated by Smitten Collective, will be exposing my 'Naughty Bits' collection (by my evil twin Rokxia) in Hasselt, Belgium also. A group 13 International Art Jewelers who's work falls under the same theme come together just for this event.

A boutiques de créateurs run by Cyril Besson has a handful of my best selling pieces from Minicyn – they're based in South of France, Toulon. The intimate event composes of a handful of French movers and shakers.

Vive les bijoux!

Too hot to Blog!

It's been a while yes I know.
Since the last post I'd delivered 3 packages with lots of goodies for 3 different galleries, two in Belgium and one in Toulon, South of France. Not to mention jetting off in between to Milos, Greece with my yoga buddies for some much needed time-out.

Below are just a few pieces from the week! Mixing Oxidised Silver with gold and Silver & gold-plated etc.

Take care under this intense heat x

Indulgent Keepsake Pebble ring band

In the past few weeks I've been tinkering away with an unused electric tool that's been tucked away for at least 3 years to date. It allowed me to create this Indulgent of a ring. It feels somewhat courageous and daring in many ways; artistically, spiritually & perhaps even spatially... liken to some sort of artistic "coming-out". It was fun! And I hope to prolong this journey in 2018.

GREEN nouvelle exposition Printemps/Ete

If you're heading to Brussels between beginning of March and end of July don't forget to checkout one 2 of my new collection at ICKX Contemporary Jewelry. A collective exhibition inspired by nature 'Green' emerging in figurative and abstract form...only way to learn more is to find out in person!


Exposition du 01/03 au 28/07/2018

Pour cette période printemps/été, cette exposition sera tournée vers la nature sous différentes formes: figurative, abstraite à conceptuelle.
Une vingtaine de créateurs belges et étrangers vous proposent des pièces au design singulier, épuré voir minimaliste; dans des matériaux variés parfois inattendus; et des techniques de fabrication artisanale et nouvelles technologies.
Du bijoux contemporain à la sélection d'objets, chaque pièce est unique ou réalisée en petite série." Heures d'ouverture :

du jeudi au samedi : 11h à 18h30
Ou, sur rendez-vous par mail
ou par téléphone au 0494 64 93 36
- Ateliers M-O
- Isabelle Bianchi Marchesseau
- Irène Beira
- Cécile Bertrand
- Isabelle Gereec
- Anne Goy
- Jana Graf
- Audrey Ickx
- Gili Dolner
- Sylvie Jousset
- Christine Keyeux Schnöller
- Sabina Kolonic
- Sana Lopez Abellán
- Maria Crisitina Belucci et Elizabetta Dupré
- Mala leche Design
- Minicyn bijoux
- Alain Roggeman
- Karola Torkos
- Ioana Ardelaan
- Eve Vaucheret
- Zest (Delphine Noelke et Vincent Chartier)
- 100% maman (Commerce équitable)

Vente Atelier de Noël chez Minicyn


Ce week-end jusqu'à mercredi le 20 décembre, je vous ouvre exceptionnellement les portes de mon atelier!
L'occasion de choisir des cadeaux uniques, fabriqués entièrement à la main avec passion dans de leur lieu de fabrication.
En soutenant les petits créateurs et les artisans/talents locaux chez Minicyn;

Avec la participation de:
Madoka Rindal – céramiques en séries limitées
Chose Commune – maison d'édition indépendante dédiée aux livres de photographie.

Chez Minicyn
56 rue Labat
75018 Paris
Le metro Chateau Rouge ou Marcadet Poissonnier.

See you soon 😘


A très bientôt!


Support independent artists and publishing houses, why? Because without them the world will be as boring as white bread.

The specially invited guests:
• Charming Parisian-Japanese ceramic artist Madoka Rindal and her handbuilt limited edition pieces.
• Chose Commune – an independent French publishing house devoted to photography books. Behind this is a powerhouse couple!

I love these people.
Hope to see you at my atelier !


Ode to pebbles and broken slate rocks souvenirs

Most of us at some point in our lives have taken home pebbles or broken bits of slate rocks as souvenirs from the beach. The weight of them makes it so desirable to have them in your hands, to at some point either throw them back into the water or to take home. I for one am guilty of that each and every time.

This small collection is an ode to that human gesture/desire that makes us who we are, curious creatures.

Expo-vente de bagues en Octobre! Upcoming 200 rings exhibition for the month of October!

L'expo-vente '200 Bagues / 20 Créateurs' est le rendez-vous des créateurs et des amoureux de bijoux contemporains. Chaque artiste-invité présente 10 pièces uniques, comme autant d’œuvres sculptées désormais portée de main. À découvrir dès vendredi 06, cette exposition-vente insolite séduira toutes celles à la recherche de Bagues uniques.

De 06 au 28 octobre, de 12h à 19h du Mardi a Samedi.
Galerie Goutte de Terre
4 Rue Basfroi
75011 Paris

Pour cette 9ème édition, la galerie Goutte de Terre accueille des artistes venus des 4 coins du monde, découvrir ou redécouvrir autour de 200 pièces originales. Chacun présentant ses creations sur de petites étagères suspendues à l'univers personnalisé.

........  E N G L IS H .........
I'm participating in the 9th edition of '200 Bagues 20 Createurs' aka '200 Rings 20 Creators' exhibition from the 6th to the 28th of October at the Gallery Goutte de Terre in Paris.

Goutte de Terre
4 Rue Basfroi, 75011 Paris
(Metro Charonne)

Come visit, admire, ask questions and most of all shop original work of wearable art from an amazing ray of work from not only local talents. If you'd like to meet up I'll be there on the Opening night of the 6th Friday from 18h.
There'll also be new unique pieces not yet to be seen in rings, necklaces and earrings from Minicyn upon request at the gallery.
Be there or be square x